Aeye was something my team build as part of our final year project so its just our humble side project but if liked it and found value in it we will love to hear it from you. Sent us your mails through We love to hear from you.

If you want to contribute we would suggest the following ways.

Building new Deeplearning Modules

Create new modules for Aeye. We just have 3 modules set up in this service and we will love to have more modules included. If you know about deep learning technologies and have some suggestions for some modules start a new github issue and we can discuss more about it.

Improving Existing Modules

Our existing modules still need work. As you know Deep Learning is a rapidly evolving space and we want the best of those innovations to reach our end-users. Currently we don’t use the state of the art model in our modules but then again we are not interested in keeping our modules consistent with the bleeding edge. Even without top algorithms we can always improve the datasets and train it on new data to get better accuracies. Studies have shown that there is difference in the datasets need for training models for serving the visually challenged and those that standard computer vision tasks use and their interests are not always in alignment. So we hope incorporate changes that reflects this into your system.