Aeye aspires to be an open-source AI-as-a-Service platform for hobbyists and tinkerers to develops apps and services for the visually challenged. We want to provide the best tools and services for you to go out there and build cool stuff for our less privileged brothers and sisters, to empower them to prevail over their shortcomings so that they too can come forth and contribute and fully be a part of our society.

The latest advancements in Computer vision thanks to technologies like Deep Learning we are now able to augment human vision with computer vision models that help detect the objects around us, detect faces and identify who they are, describe the environment you are in and much more. This can be of great use to visually challenged people, to help them perform their day to day tasks more efficiently.

The service offers simple to use API end points that help deliver basic deep learning modules like Object Detection and Image Captioning.

To get started with the service get over to getting started page.

If your interested to contribute to the project happily head over to the Contributing page to know more.